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New Clients = New Set 

Must contact me via email Prior to your first nail session, to discuss the look you want for the nails.  This is mandatory for Brides, Bridesmaids or any other Special Occasion events.

Clients arriving without prior consultation may not receive the nails you are looking to get because of improper schedule booking. 

I will not be responsible for an inadequate booked session time without a consult or a trial done in advance!

Don't be disappointed, talk to me first ;)

*First time clients must pay a

$20.00 deposit to secure your appointment.

 Payment can be made via

Venmo, PayPal, Chase Direct or

in person at the studio.

Failure to secure the appointment will result in an immediate cancellation and it will be given to the next client on the waitlist.

Deposits will not be returned if a

cancellation or reschedule occurs less than 48 hours

in advance of scheduled appointment.