Feel Pretty,
           Get your nails done!                   Because Nail Art
         gets you compliments!

The Hot Toddy

Relieve pain and muscle tension with this warm steam and hand massage treatment that can be the Perfect Chaser to your nail service.  10

The Liquid Lunch

therapeutic deep cleansing, moisturizing and 

regenerating anti aging Spa 

Treatment.  Specialty whipped creams are applied in conjunction with an Ultrasound, Galvanic, and Infrared Light Therapy that brings back the youthful glow to your hands.

A Neat pre service Toast or a Perfect Chaser  30

Vinylux Manicure

The week Long Lasting manicure that dries fast without the need of a curing light and removes with just nail polish remover.  17

White Russian Cuticle Shot     5

Shirley Temple 20

(dry mani & pedi combo for 9 & under)

The Modern Mani 

Tell everyone that they are your Own! A fortified calcium and protein gel glaze is applied to promote growth by adding protection to your finger nails or toe nails.  Over 800

Gel Polish colors to choose from by all the best brands in the industry.   30   (Shellac brand +5
with French Pigment Fade 35

steam off removal* 5


* Steam Off ensures a clean and quick gel removal with virtually no acetone exposure to the natural nail.


The Black Diamond Enforce
A hard gel overlay for the client that prefers the modern mani with the innovative strength of pure black diamonds. Guaranteed added length within two weeks.
with Gel Polish 40
with French Fade 45



Tip Removal : Includes Buff & Shine Clear Mani 25   
Old Set Removal : Before Creating a 
New Full Set 10-25

(Please Add this service when booking your appointment.  

Removal of unknown product could take up to an hour.) 

SNS/Dip Powder

Removal         10

LED* Gel Nails
(Includes a Gel Polish & Glass Top Coat)
over natural nails 
with Square Tips 65
2-3 week Fill In 35
repair 5 


LED* Sparkle Gels

[[ Client Favorite! ]]
Over 200 Glitters to choose from!
over natural nails 60
with Square Tips 65

Fill In 30
New Sparkle Color 2-3 week Fill In 35
repair 5

Apres Nails To Go 45


Gel Extension System that has you from no nails to Those nails in just minutes!  Get the Perfect set of nails that are thin and the right shape Every time! Price INCLUDES Special Shape and one color gel polish! 

Your tip set will last 3-4 weeks.  

  Nail Art Couture


Special Shaped Tips*             +15
(*Please add this service to your Basic appointment)


Traditional, Moon, Triangle, Chevron,

Sweetheart French*  +10 


Orbit Ring French* +15


Simple Hand Painted Gel Nail Art*

2 Fingers/Toes 10+  

All Nails/Toes   20+

(*Please add this service to your Basic Gel appointment)

Shaken & Stirred:*

A mixed nail art cocktail of

Sparkle n Glam  25+

(*Please add this service to your Basic Gel appointment)


Antique Foil Press



Nail Paint Stamping



Sparkle Glitter Dusting 5


French Fade

Pigment Blending 5

Cats Eyes

12 colors to choose from        5

   Totally Tipsy 

       Nail Art 

Porcelain Finish


Chrome Plating or

Chrome Flaking

10+ colors to choose from! 10-15

Unicorn Holo  15 

Luminaura 20

Glass Nails 20

Gel Floaters~~

Real Seashells,

Sequins, Dried 

Flowers and MORE 

that Suspend inside Gel Nails   2 pn 

3D Nail Sculpture

8 pn 

Swarovski Crystal Encrusted 6 pn

Deco Nail

Spike, Stud or Crystal Clusters

3 pn


Colored Resin Charms 1 pp

Crystal / Metal Charms  2 pp

Swarovski Specialty

Stones   5 pp

Nail Piercing:  
Hoops avail in gold, silver, pink, purple, green blue, teal & red   5

On The Rocks


Includes a dry skin exfoliation and

topped off with the nail liquor of your choice      25

Callus Exfoliation +5




with a Gel Polish Shooter +10

You can just put your shoes back on ;)

Gel Sparkle Toe Fizz
Choose one or two glitters for a sparkly bling your toes will love^
So Brilliant & Durable it will last all summer! (These toes are made for flip~flop weather!)
fill in with Same color 15
removal 5-10

Gel Foil Toe Freeze
The latest addition to nail design, these foils give your toes a liquid metal look & is sealed with a Glass Gel topcoat.^ With over 100 different colors to choose from, you may never wear regular polish again.  

removal    5 - 10

Toenail Reconstruction:

You can wear open toe shoes again!

A customized cosmetic color 

restoration gel is applied and 

sculpted to restore a partial or complete damaged large toe nail. 

Non-Porous, strong and flexible with a completely natural feeling and look.        15 pn

The Life Hangover Detox 

A 30 minute bio energizing Detox Foot Bath that has been found to restore and improve a balance of well being for many with a variety of different conditions such as circulation and skin problems to joint and immune

deficiencies 35

(This service cannot be preformed on anyone that suffers from epilepsy, has a pacemaker, has had organ implants, if you are pregnant, are under the age of 10 years old, if you have any open wounds or abrasions on your feet or ankles.  

A 16 fluid ounces of water must be consumed during the treatment for the detoxification process to work most effectively. To avoid any effects of electromagnetic 

interference, do not use your cell phone, iPad, reader or laptop during this service.  

Shut down, sit back and just Relax ;) 

Brow Wax Shaping 8

Lip Wax     7

  * = Technology advanced LED curing is more efficient than UV lighting

  ^ = This is Not a Pedicure!

 This is a Gel Art that is applied to your Toes instead of traditional nail polish.  It lasts for weeks and you can still get a pedicure in between color changes, the Gel Art will not be effected.